Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wisdom from the Parliament

With so many perspectives on the human condition, and the condition of the world, the Parliament of the World's Religions was overwhelming, and took several months to even begin to process.

As a way of beginning this process, and gaining a deeper understanding of the wisdom gathered at the Parliament, we have begun to craft a Parliament Book, combining illuminated quotes with skywheel-esque designs. These gems of wisdom come from notes that we all took while attending the various spiritual observances, and lectures at POWR. Some of the quotes come directly from the speakers, others are distillations or common themes that were brought up numerous times by leaders of many different faith groups.

The photo included in this post is one of about thirty in the works. In the future, we will include more of this illuminated wisdom, with the addition of a few notes about the background of the quotes and related speakers to give a sense of context. Enjoy!

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