Friday, February 5, 2010

Skywheel 2009, a Retrospective

It's been almost a year since United Catalysts began to work on the Skywheel Project. The year of 2009 was all about planning and brainstorming, meeting with rocket scientists, and people of various faiths and cultures including attending the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia.
In short, it has been an exciting year.

As a studio assistant, it's been amazing for me to watch the artists Kim Garrison and Steve Radosevich steadily bring a seemingly inconceivable project to life. It was  wonderful to see how warmly the Skywheel project was received by all of the religious leaders, scholars and people from all over the world that we met at the Parliament. I feel it has truly struck a chord in all of us and already, even in it's nascent stage, has become a focal point to bring together people of all beliefs and walks of life while honoring the beauty of our individuality.

And what lies in store for the Skywheel Project in 2010, you may wonder?
This year, Kim and Steve will focus their creative energies on  the artistic facets of the Skywheel Project, including a series of Skywheel related prints and designs for the satellite itself. And while they return to the studio to make wonderful skywheel art, I will be sending invitations to religious and spiritual leaders to create a panel of advisors for the project and keeping all of you, the friends of the Skywheel Project, updated on our adventure as it unfolds.

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