Friday, February 26, 2010

Deepening wisdom is a result of listening to nature.

-- HH Vishwagura Mahamand Eleshwar Paramhans

During the Parliament of the World's religions, I attended the "Convocation of Hindu Spiritual Leaders", where about thirty yogis, gurus, saints and mystics from multiple regions of the world converged to speak about bringing wisdom, peace, and harmony to ourselves and our planet. His Holiness Vishwagura Paramhans spoke of the process of gaining wisdom as directly related to the process of listening -- to nature, which is all around us and in us. The process of listening, in this sense, means not just hearing words, but paying close attention to the actions, sights, sounds, processes, cycles and experiences that are happening close to us, and being open to the wisdom contained within. 

Listening to nature also requires listening to the needs and perspectives of others, and trying to work into our own actions, respect for their existence, not just acting with preference to our own needs. If we do this, we live our lives in balance with the flow of the energy of the world around us, and we don't waste energy fighting against it.

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